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4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mesh for Conveyor Guarding Systems

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Not every mesh will be suitable for conveyor guarding systems in industrial facilities due to the difference in the specific conditions pertaining at each facility. This article discusses some of the considerations that can help you to select the best mesh size for your conveyor guarding system.


Look closely at the amount of space that is available around your conveyor system before you select a mesh size. Facilities that can accommodate a guard system farther away from the conveyor should get a larger mesh size. This is because the greater distance means that there will be a lower risk of injury in case someone accidentally goes over the guarding system. Small mesh sizes are ideal for guard systems that are close to the conveyor because the small mesh size is more effective at preventing people from getting very close to the conveyor system.


Smaller mesh sizes limit the free flow of air around your conveyor system. You should therefore buy larger mesh sizes if the conveyor guarding system will be located near machinery that can overheat in case airflow is restricted around it.


The mesh size that is selected should also be able to address the need for the guard system to be visible to everyone within that space. Larger mesh sizes are better suited to high-traffic areas because they offer better visibility. Furthermore, larger mesh sizes enable operators to see the conveyor system effectively from a safe distance.

Cleaning Requirements

Think about the materials that are transported on your conveyor system before you select a mesh size for the guard mechanism. Materials that cause the conveyor system and its surroundings to become very dirty quickly can dictate that you select a larger mesh size for the guard system. This is because it will be easier for you to wash out the protective system if the mesh size is large. Smaller mesh sizes can trap dirt and debris. Robust cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, may then be needed to clean out that small-sized mesh. You should therefore consider the cleaning requirements of your conveyor system so that you select a mesh size that won't hinder the cleaning process.

As you can see, your specific application should play a major role in the selection of the mesh that is used in your conveyor guarding system. You may therefore need to engage an expert to help you to select the most appropriate mesh size that complies with all the applicable regulations in your area.