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Tips to Choosing the Right Double Scissor Car Lift for Your New Auto Workshop

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Shopping for equipment for your new automotive workshop can take a bit of time, especially if quality is a top priority. In as much as all tools are vital, you cannot do without a car lift; therefore, it should be your number one priority due to its usefulness during car repairs. If you have limited space in your automotive workshop, then there is no better type than the double scissor car lift. However, choosing the right one for your new business can be difficult due to the many options available in the market. This article provides some insights on what you should look out for when shopping for a double scissors car lift.

Ease of Access -- The ability to get around and under a car is essential to providing efficient auto service. As such, you want a car lift that allows ease of access to all areas of a car during routine checkups. In this regard, you should choose a double scissor car lift that has a support base, which can accommodate a wide variety of tires. Doing this will lower operational costs because there will be no need to purchase different kinds of units. Additionally, you need to choose a double scissor car lift with sufficient vertical clearance. This will allow your technicians to use a transmission jack beneath the car freely.

Speed -- Most car owners rely on service turnaround time when determining which auto workshop to go to. Therefore, the surest way to get a client base is to make the turnaround time as short as possible. The lifting and lowering speeds of the lift you choose to buy will determine the overall turnaround time of your shop. The more time you spend on lifting and lowering, the more frustrated clients become. Such a scenario is bad for business. Therefore, you should consider a double scissor car lift that is relatively fast. Ideally, you want a lift whose lifting and lowering speeds are less than 30 seconds and 25 seconds, respectively.

Versatility -- For best performance, the automotive business requires versatile tools. Versatility in a car lift can be achieved by customizing its features because this will give technicians the ability to program the lift for a variety of applications. Therefore, you should go for double scissors car lifts that offer different customization opportunities such as options for ground or flush-mount installation. Additionally, the double scissors lift should be able to extend the plated ramp so that your auto shop can accommodate vehicles with longer wheelbases.  

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