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Advice on Lightweight Scaffolding

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There are many situations when a site in Australia requires scaffolding in order for building works or maintenance to take place, but where conventional scaffolding methods are inappropriate. One of the chief reasons for this might be when you need scaffolding to be erected in a location where the ground is too soft or waterlogged. Maybe you do not even have access to the ground and therefore have to suspend your scaffolding from the building. If so, then the heavier steel and wooden scaffolding components can be all but useless. As a result, you should look at mobile scaffolding which is lightweight and easier for scaffolders to install without creating damage to the ground or your building.

  • Lightweight Scaffolding Hire

If you are consulting with a good scaffolding hire firm, then you should ask them about the availability of aluminium scaffolds. Although aluminium offers the installers of it some advantages, it is ideal for site owners who have a requirement for less weighty materials to be installed. Strong and reliable aluminium is able to be installed and remain in situ for a long time without the need for maintenance. Indeed, compared to fibreglass – another lightweight option you might be considering using for your project - aluminium scaffolding is often cheaper.

  • Stability

As well as providing a lightweight scaffolding structure, there must be sufficient stability for workers to get on with their jobs unhindered. If not, then any cost savings you might have made soon get wiped out. Whether you have workmen accessing walls with bricks and mortar, roofers negotiating joists into position or have skilled craftsmen accessing your building with power tools, they must be safe. Lightweight scaffolds should never compromise on stability. Temporary scaffolding platforms, like those used by painters, are often extremely lightweight so that they can be moved easily but continue to offer the correct level of support.

  • Swing Stage Scaffolding

So-called swing stage scaffolds are commonplace these days in Australia's urban centres. They are frequently used on large office blocks so that window cleaners can reach all of the surfaces on a structure. They are often suspended from the roof of a building by either a rope and pulley system or from chains. The more a swing stage scaffold weighs, the more anchor points it will require. Lightweight materials, such as aluminium, are now used for most swing stage scaffolds in order to allow more than one person at a time to share such a scaffolding platform.