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Benefits of Water Tanks versus Rainwater Impoundments on Farms

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Rainwater impoundments are a common sight on farmland. These impoundments hold rainwater and have a form of drainage to allow the water to be used for irrigation into crops. The problem with impoundments is how much space they can take up. If you are looking for a better way to irrigate your crops, here are some benefits of using 10000 litre water tanks.

Increased Agricultural Land

The main benefit to using 10000 litre water tanks instead of a rainwater impoundment is the amount of useable agricultural land made available. An impoundment will take up a large space of land that could be used for another crop, fenced area for livestock, or even a hydroponics system. Water tanks can be placed either vertically or underground to free up that land area for other, usually much needed, projects and uses.

Increased Storage Purity

An impoundment is open. It is essentially a rainwater storage lake. This leaves it open to bugs, pests, and containments. The water used for irrigation is delivered directly from the impoundment to the crops. If that water is contaminated it means that water being delivered to the crops is equally as containmanted. A water tank will allow you to hold water with reduced chances of contamination. You can also filter that water if necessary before it is piped out to the fields and crops. This gives your crops a fresher water option.

Increased Storage Times

With an impoundment, you will find that holding rainwater for extended periods is not practical. For example, if you have a large heavy rain and then a dry spell, you may lose the water in the impoundment to evaporation or contamination over time. A water tank can hold that water for longer and get you through the dry periods, even if those dry periods are fairly long. Multiple tanks can hold enough water for your crops to last several days or longer of dry spells depending on the size of your crops. You can also ensure that your tank set-up holds enough water to last an even longer duration depending on your needs. 

These are only three of the benefits to using a 10000 litre water tank versus rainwater impoundments for irrigation. Keep in mind, you can find these water tanks in different styles and shapes to fit your farm layout and needs. If you are ready to purchase a tank, or several tanks, contact your local water tank and water dome dealer for pricing and delivery. For more information, contact companies like National Poly Industries.